Each Video Entry Must:

  • Highlight STEM learning in an afterschool or summer learning program;
  • Include specific STEM-related activities or work products; and
  • Include students sharing how they identify with a STEM career using one or more of the phrases "I am a" and STEM careers including, but not limited to:
    • Scientist
    • Technologist
    • Coder
    • Mathematician
    • Engineer
    • Chemist
    • Others (use your imaginations!)

Examples could include:

  • "I am a Scientist – In my program, we document the life cycle of our garden vegetables..."
  • "I am a Mathematician – In CodeBreakers, we use math to figure out how to code and coding to figure out how to use math..."
  • "I am an Engineer – I design and build robots at Robotics Central that do lots of cool stuff..."


This competition is open to afterschool and summer learning programs serving students in elementary, middle and/or high school in the United States, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Teams of students and afterschool professionals involved with their afterschool or summer learning programs may create and submit entries.

Technical Requirements:

  • Videos should be about three minutes in length. Opening and ending credits, where applicable, should be included in the three-minute time limit.
  • Videos must include an end slate or credits that contains a contact name, phone number and email address. If your video is selected, we will ask you to send a final version without the end slate.
  • Entries must credit all sources used to create video in the end credits.
  • Videos can only include authorized content, including, without limitation, music, images, film clips and other intellectual property.
  • Entries for school-year afterschool programs must be successfully uploaded by midnight at the end of the day on June 15, 2015.
  • Entries for summer learning programs must be successfully uploaded by midnight at the end of the day on August 1, 2015

Judging, ownership and distribution:

  • All entries become the property of the Noyce Foundation and Collaborative Communications Group. Entries, without any compensation from the Noyce Foundation or Collaborative, grant permission to use their names and entries for promotional purposes related to STEM Story Telling and its activities. By submitting an entry, programs represent that their entries constitute original work that does not violate the property rights of any other person, and grant the Noyce Foundation and Collaborative the right to exhibit, distribute, televise and otherwise use the entries in various media.
  • Prize recipients will be determined by judges selected by the Noyce Foundation, C.S. Mott Foundation and Collaborative Communications Group. All judges’ decisions will be final.
  • Prize recipients will be announced at the 2015 STEM Summit in September 2015.



Topic relates to 2015 theme of “uncovering STEM learning”

Video length is 3 minutes

Highlights work of afterschool or summer learning program

Features students in the program

Opening and end credits

Produced by afterschool or summer program 

Submitted by June 15 (school-year afterschool programs) or August 1 (summer learning programs)