Kids are always told to dream big – afterschool programs allow them to do just that. Uncover the work of your program and students, and tell us what really happens in STEM afterschool.

congratulations to the 2015 stem video competition winners! the winning videos were featured at the 2015 afterschool stem summit.


2015 STEM Video Competition Winners

ACE Youth Project (CT)Dimension Learning (NY)
First Robotics Team 4057 (OR)Girlstart (TX)
Graduation Generation Zero Robotics (GA)Princeton YWCA (NJ)


A video competition for kids learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics outside of school. In three minutes, tell us how you are engaged in STEM learning and dream of a STEM future! 

Tell your STEM story! How does your afterschool or summer learning program inspire you to build, create, explore, dream?

STEM learning opportunities are like charging stations that power up kids' learning. Afterschool programs, summer camps, libraries, museums and science centers all provide "charging stations" with hands-on activities, deep-learning experiences and opportunities to explore.

Young people get the charge with the support of afterschool professionals to see themselves as scientists, engineers, technology gurus and mathematicians – both now and in the future.